Case of the Month #24: Long Covid by Dr Angeline Lee

Published: 31/01/2023

Management Plan

Outcome of case

The patient was seen by a pain doctor and physiotherapist in a multidisciplinary local long Covid service, and enrolled into the Your Covid Recovery programme, which is an online app for self-management of symptoms. She was given an opportunity to attend one to one physiotherapy and received vouchers for massage therapy at the local spa. (The local long Covid service had prior agreement with the spa for discount vouchers for patients) 

She found the hospital appointment most helpful to make sense of what was happening to her, having the clinicians validating her symptoms and learning that she was not alone. She felt that physiotherapy was very useful to help with her movements and she enjoyed her time at the spa. She has been discharged from secondary care to primary care long Covid services but can be re-referred if she develops worsening pain. She is happy with this plan and feels slightly better now than she did several months before she received any intervention.