FPM Board Elections

There are no current vacancies on the Faculty Board

Voting for the 2020 Board election is now closed. Future vacancies will be advertised on this page.

FPM Board Election 2020 Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote during the 2020 FPM Board Elections. The Faculty would like to congratulate those who were newly elected and re-elected. We would also like to thank the candidates who were unsuccessful on this occasion, we hope you will stand again in the future and continue to support the Faculty. A full table of results can be found below: 

Candidate Votes  
Dr Ganesan Baranidharan 97 Elected
Dr Shiva Tripathi 93 Elected
Dr Barry Miller 84 Elected
Dr Victor Mendis 82  
Dr Clare Roques 79  
Dr Ashish Gulve 73  
Dr Peter Cole 71  
Dr Paul Wilkinson 70  
Dr Devjit Srivastava 49  


Board vacancies

The Board of the Faculty of Pain Medicine is the main decision-making body of the Faculty, responsible for its overall direction and strategy.  The Board consists of ten elected and appointed positions and six co-opted members who make up a supportive and proactive team.

There will be three vacancies in 2021. Elected candidates will take office at the Board meeting on Friday 5 March 2021.  The term of office will be six years in the first instance.  Those elected will be eligible to be re-elected for a second term of four years. Those eligible to stand are: Foundation Fellows, Fellows by Examination & Assessment, Fellows ad Eundem and Members of the Faculty complying with the conditions of the Ordinances and Regulations.  


Candidates for election

Candidates for the 2020 FPM Board Elections are as follows:

  • Dr Victor Mendis - nominated by Dr Carol McCartney; Dr Subodha Thanthulage
  • Dr Paul Wilkinsonnominated by Dr Andrew Nicolaou; Dr Barry Miller
  • Dr Peter Colenominated by Dr Richard J Sawyer; Dr Lorraine de Gray
  • Dr Ganesan Baranidharan (re-election) - nominated by Dr Karen Simpson; Dr Sanjeeva Gupta
  • Dr Clare Roquesnominated by Dr Kate Grady; Dr Helen Makins
  • Dr Shiva Tripathinominated by Dr Nicholas Hacking; Dr Parag Desai
  • Dr Barry Miller (re-election) - nominated by Dr John Hughes; Dr Lorraine de Gray
  • Dr Devjit Srivastavanominated by Dr Manohar Sharma; Dr Lorraine de Gray
  • Dr Ashish Gulvenominated by Prof Sam Eldabe; Dr Arun Bhaskar

Candidates are listed in order of the date their nomination was received.


Important dates

Voting will be carried out electronically and ballot information will be sent via email to eligible Fellows and Members: Foundation Fellows, Fellows by Examination, Fellows by Assessment, Fellows ad Eundem, Associate Fellows, Affiliate Fellows and Members. For this election votes will be accepted online only. Votes must be cast by 12.00pm Friday 25 September 2020. The votes will then be counted and the results passed to the Faculty; candidates will be notified of the results no later than 28 September 2020. The election results will be declared on 1 October 2020 via the Faculty website and will be published in Transmitter and the RCoA Bulletin in due course.

For any queries or to update your contact information for the election please email contact@fpm.ac.uk


Board member Responsibilities

Excerpt from the Regulations of the Faculty of Pain Medicine (Part IX)

1    Attending meetings.  Members are expected to attend all meetings.  Members who consistently fail to attend meetings without prior leave may be removed from the Board by the Dean.  Members will also be expected to attend other major functions of the Faculty such as the Annual Meeting for Fellows and Members.

2    Delegates.  Members may not send delegates to attend in their place unless agreed by the Chair or the Dean.

3    Confidentiality.  Members of the Board should observe total confidentiality with respect to any discussions or papers considered confidential or sensitive, except where disclosure has been formally permitted.

4    Disclosure of interests

4.1    General conflicts of interest.  Before applying for the Board, members are expected to consider whether any current roles they hold would compromise the performance of their duties for the Faculty.   For example, it would be expected that Board members would not hold full roles on the Boards or Councils of similar organisations or societies.  This could pose both a conflict of interest and, in conjunctions with Regulation VI:7, is likely to affect the individual’s capacity to take forward Faculty activities. 

4.2    For individual areas.  All Members should disclose to the Chairman any relevant conflicting interest of any kind (financial or otherwise) arising in relation to any item on the agenda.  Where a relevant interest has been disclosed, the member may, subject to the Chairman’s agreement, remain during and participate in any debate on the item concerned, but must not vote.  

5    Members may be: 
a.    appointed to Faculty Committees or working groups;
b.    required to commit to events (either chairing or presenting);
c.    required to become the Responsible Officer for a consultation process;
d.    asked to represent the Faculty on external bodies;
e.    asked to contribute to the written material of the Faculty.

6    It is recommended that Members discuss their appointment with hospital colleagues and senior management.

7    Resignations

7.1    A member of the Board may tender their resignation at any time prior to the completion of their term of office.  The resignation will not take effect until accepted by the Board.

7.2     Any member of the Board who ceases the clinical practice of Pain Medicine would normally demit office from the Board at the next election.


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