The Faculty Board

Board members

The Faculty's Board plans our strategic direction and leads our work.  The Board of the Faculty of Pain Medicine comprises nine elected and appointed members including the Dean and the Vice-Dean.

Dr Barry Miller

Elected Board Member

(previous FPM Dean)

Dr Nicholas Plunkett

Appointed Board Member

Dr Ganesan Baranidharan

Elected Board Member

Dr Sanjeeva Gupta

Elected Board Member

Dr Manohar Sharma

Elected Board Member

Dr Shiva Tripathi

Elected Board Member

Dr Arun Bhaskar

Co-opted Board Member

President, British Pain Society

Dr Emma Baird

Co-opted Board Member

Acute Pain Representative

Dr HooKee Tsang

Co-opted Board Member

Chair, Regional Advisors in Pain Medicine (RAPMs)

Dr David Gore

Co-opted Board Member

FPM Trainee Representative

Dr Paul Wilkinson

Co-opted Board Member

Chair, FPM Professional Standards Committee

Dr Lucy Southee

Co-opted Board Member

Lay Committee Representative

Representative members

The Board also includes six co-opted members, representing:

  • The British Pain Society
  • Patient Liaison Committee
  • Acute Pain
  • FPM Professional Standards Committee
  • FPM Regional Advisors in Pain Medicine (RAPMs)
  • FPM Trainees

Interested in standing for the Board?
The latest vacancies are advertised on our website.