Updated role title: Local Pain Medicine Educational Supervisors (LPMES) to Faculty Tutors (Pain)

Published: 05/06/2020

The Faculty is pleased to announce an update within the Regional Network of Pain Medicine training. The title used for the Local Pain Medicine Educational Supervisors (LPMES) will be updated to Faculty Tutor (Pain). 

This title change will come into effect on Monday 8th June 2020.

This new title, Faculty Tutor (Pain), was informed by feedback from the network and the GMC, and has been agreed upon by the RCoA. The new title is intended to improve both internal and external understanding of what this role entails, including their connection to the Faculty.

The role of the Faculty Tutor (Pain) will remain unchanged, as a primary person responsible for providing a comprehensive training programme in line with the Anaesthetics curriculum.  

The Faculty Tutor (Pain) will continue to represent the Faculty in their hospital, providing a link with trainees, colleagues, and the Trust. The Faculty Tutor (Pain) will also continue to be responsible for maintaining close links with their Regional Advisor in Pain medicine (RAPM) and monitoring progress of trainees in post as well as assisting the RAPM in monitoring quality of training within the region. Further details on the roles and responsibilities of the Faculty Tutor (Pain) can be found in this document.

It is strongly encouraged that Faculty Tutors (Pain) be members of the Faculty, as they represent the Faculty in this role. Further information on membership categories can be found on our membership categories can be found on this page.