Stage 3 (Higher) Pain Training

What is Stage 3 Pain Training?

Stage 3 Pain Training - previously known as 'Higher' Pain Training - aims to build on the training in Stage 2 to leading to a level of independent practice. This takes place in the final 2 years (ST 6 and ST7) of an anaesthetic training programme. It is a mandatory part the Anaesthetics CCT and is essential for future Pain Medicine consultants.

  • Doctors who wish to practice solely in acute/inpatient pain will generally undertake Stage 3 Pain Training to progress to Stage 3 Special Interest Area (SIA) Acute Inpatient Pain Training.
  • Doctors who go on to also practice in chronic/outpatient pain, will need Stage 3 Pain Training to progress to Stage 3 SIA Pain Medicine Training.
  • The skills and experience gained in the SIAs also informs some of the capabilities for Stage 3 Pain and vice versa. So there can be some overlap between Stage 3 Pain and SIAs.

What will I learn?

During Stage 3 Pain Training, trainees should become fully competent in the assessment and management of acute surgical, acute non-surgical and acute on chronic pain in all patients and circumstances. They should have knowledge and skills in the management of chronic and cancer pain and become an effective member of a multi-professional pain management service.

Completing Stage 3 Pain training

There are no minimum or maximum sessions for Stage 3 Pain training and the HALO sign off will depend on the evidence gathered with SLEs supporting the achievement of the key capabilities and learning outcome. Completion of the HALO will be by your Faculty Tutor in Pain Medicine or Regional Advisor in Pain Medicine.

Completion of a HALO requires the following evidence:

  1. supervised learning events (ACEX, ALMAT, A-QIPAT, CBD, DOPS) to suggest level of supervision
  2. personal activities
  3. personal reflections
  4. multiple trainer report(s) that include Pain.

Counting experience from outside the training programme towards a CCT

Anaesthetists joining the training programme may be able to have some of their prior UK experience count towards their CCT. RCoA guidance on this process can be found here.

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