Case of the Month #23: Ear Pain by Dr Lorraine de Gray

Published: 03/01/2023

Differential Diagnosis

The following paper by Sang Hoon Kim et al, (J Audiol Otol. 2015 Apr; 19(1): 34–38. Clinical Differences in Types of Otalgia) although dating back to 2015, gives an excellent resume of potential differential diagnosis in Otalgia and how these can present with different symptoms. 

Differential Diagnosis

  1.  Osteoradionecrosis secondary to radiotherapy
  2.  Tumour involvement of the external auditory meatus
  3.  Chronic infection of the external auditory meatus
  4.  Osteonecrosis from other causes e.g. long term bisphosphonate therapy

What do you think is the likely diagnosis?