Credential for the Pain Medicine Specialist: Curriculum consultation

Published: 09/11/2021

The Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) applied to the GMC to become one of the five pilot early adopters to develop a credential for the Pain Medicine Specialist and was accepted in June 2019. The FPM has now developed a curriculum for the Credential, as per the GMC standards for postgraduate specialty curricula and assessments, Excellence by design.

The paramount purpose of the Credential is patient safety; producing doctors with the specialist professional and clinical capabilities required to manage patients with acute and chronic (long-term) pain disorders.  Pain management is a basic human right and it is the responsibility of any health care system to ensure that there are sufficient number of doctors specifically trained in Pain Medicine to safely alleviate pain.

This survey is being conducted so that stakeholders have the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the content of the new curriculum, its feasibility in terms of delivery and to help us understand how these changes may impact different social groups.

Before submitting your feedback, we kindly ask that you read this presentation, guidance document and review the curriculum documentation . The survey questions are available to view separately.

The consultation is available via surveymonkey and closes at 23:30 on Monday 13th December 2021