Journal Club

Discussing interesting papers in the world of Pain Medicine

Each month, we shall upload a reference to a scientific paper published within the past year, including the online link to access and read it.  Papers chosen will be available through open access or through NHS or institutional libraries. 

Discussion Framework

Evidence-based information plays a critical role in clinical practice decisions. Secondary sources are often unreliable; it’s up to the student to critically assess peer-reviewed research literature. We are using the framework suggested by Riegelman (Riegelman RK. Studying a study and testing a test. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2005) to provoke thought and discussion about the paper.  

After reading the paper

  1. Say what the purpose of the study was. 

  1. Summarise the important points in the article, paying particular attention to the methods that were used. 

  1. Briefly describe the main results.  

  1. Highlight the strengths and weaknesses; how could the study have been improved? 

  1. Did the authors achieve what they set out to achieve? 

  1. Describe the implications of the results and whether you think they may or may not influence practice beneficially or adversely. 

  1. If relevant, say what further research might be carried out. 

Follow up

The month following each release, we will publish a brief resume of our personal views on the paper.  If you would like to submit comments or views about the paper for posting here or in the Faculty's other publications, please contact us.

This month’s Journal club paper: October 2021

Food for thought…….

Investigation: should liquid morphine be reclassified?

 Caroline Wickware, The Pharmaceutical Journal September 2021

What did you think about this paper?
Email the Faculty to share any comments or views.

Previous Journal club paper: September 2021

European Journal of Neurology 2021; 28:1716–1725

Long-term efficacy and safety of erenumab in migraine prevention: Results from a 5-year, open-label treatment phase of a randomized clinical trial

Messoud Ashina | Peter J. Goadsby | Uwe Reuter | Stephen Silberstein |
David W. Dodick | Fei Xue | Feng Zhang | Gabriel Paiva da Silva Lima |
Sunfa Cheng | Daniel D. Mikol

Previous Journal club paper: August 2021

Pain physician, 2020 -

Interventional pain medicine practice in the UK and the USA: A survey of 242 pain physicians

W Bradford, S Gupta, WYBD Bradford

Previous Journal club paper: July 2021

Pharmacological Research Volume 165, March 2021, 105465

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS): Where will the drugs come from?

Peter L. Toogood, Daniel J. Clauw, Sameer Phadke, David Hoffman 

Previous Journal club paper: June 2021

Anesthesiology Published June 2017, Vol. 126, 1180–1186. 

To Stop or Not, That Is the Question: Acute Pain Management for the Patient on Chronic Buprenorphine  

T. Anthony Anderson, Ph.D., M.D. ; Aurora N. A. Quaye, M.D. ; E. Nalan Ward, M.D. ; Timothy E. Wilens, M.D. ; Paul E. Hilliard, M.D. ; Chad M. Brummett, M.D. 


Previous Journal club paper: May 2021

Published online 2021 Mar 18. doi: 10.1016/S2665-9913(21)00036-9

Surgical microdiscectomy versus transforaminal epidural steroid injection in patients with sciatica secondary to herniated lumbar disc (NERVES): a phase 3, multicentre, open-label, randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation 

Martin John Wilby, Ashley Best, Eifiona Wood, Girvan Burnside, Emma Bedson, Hannah Short, Dianne Wheatley, Daniel Hill-McManus, Manohar Sharma, Simon Clark, Ganesan Baranidharan, Cathy Price, Richard Mannion, Peter J Hutchinson, Dyfrig A Hughes, Anthony Marson, Paula R Williamson 


Previous Journal club paper: April 2021

Pain. 2020 Sep; 161(1): S3–S13. 

Published online 2020 Aug 19. doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000001849 

PMCID: PMC7434212 

PMID: 33090735 

John D. Loeser Award Lecture: Size does matter, but it isn't everything: the challenge of modest treatment effects in chronic pain clinical trials 

Shannon M. Smith, Maurizio Fava, Mark P. Jensen, Omar B. Mbowe, Michael P. McDermott, Dennis C. Turk  and Robert H. Dworkina.


Previous Journal club paper: March 2021

Pain. 2020 Sep; 161(9): 2068–2078. 

Published online 2020 May 19. doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000001928 

PMCID: PMC7431140 

PMID: 32453139 

Tanezumab for chronic low back pain: a randomized, double-blind, placebo- and active-controlled, phase 3 study of efficacy and safety 

John D. Markman, Robert B. Bolash, Timothy E. McAlindon, Alan J. Kivitz, Manuel Pombo-Suarez, Seiji Ohtori, Frank W. Roemer, David J. Li, Lars Viktrup, Candace Bramson, Christine R. West, and Kenneth M. Verburg